The advantages and disadvantages of using VoIP (VoIP Solutions)

The advantages and disadvantages of using VoIP (VoIP Solutions)

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocal simply means making phone calls using the internet. Therefore the normal telephone set is not a must. In terms of the bill, you only need to pay one flat fee, regardless of the distance of the calls. This will help you to reduce your phone bills. There is no doubt that VoIP Solutions can save you a lot. That is one of the advantages of using VoIP solutiions.

VoIP enables you to keep your phone number regardless of your location. Even though you are in a different postal code, the number is still the same. No extra charges for this. You also can set it up to your notebook or wireless connection. However, you must have a high speed connection to have the VoIP Solutions work at its best.

With VoIP, there are no extra charges for extra features as there is with normal telephone. This is because, the VoIP services usually come with features like caller id, call waiting, repeat dial, call transfer and return call. Some VoIP Solutions providers offers advanced features like forwarding the call to a particular number, sending it straight to the voicemail, giving the caller a busy signal or playing the "not-in-service" message.

However, VoIP Solutions does have some disadvantages. The quality of the voice sometimes is not the same like the normal phone lines. As technology develops, this will get better soon.

Setting up VoIP Solutions can be a difficult task to those who never set up anything similar. Nevertheless, this is not a very big issue as you can pay someone to get it done.

If your internet connection gets disrupted of goes down, same goes to you VoIP Solutions. However, this seldom happens with high speed connection or broadband. The same situation applies if your electricity goes down. Nevertheless, you can overcome this matter by using backup batteries, and this situation rarely happens.

With more advantages over the disadvantages of using VoIP Solutions, more and more people are looking into VoIP Solutions nowadays. Wouldn't you be interested to experience it yourself?

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