VoIP - steps to get started (VoIP Solutions)

Now that you have chosen VoIP solutions as a way to communicate with others, but what are the steps needed to be done in order to enjoy your VoIP solutions? The following steps could assist you.

1. Updating your softwares and connection.
If you are a dial-up internet users, you need to upgrade to a high speed internet connection or a broadband. All the videos, audio codecs, divX must be in the latest version. You can use the windows update to get the latest version.

2. Choosing the right service provider
Though there are many providers of VoIP, choose the one that fit your needs and budget. Are you going to use it for business purpose or for personal purpose. List down the features that your are looking for, make comparisons between plans and then make your choice.

3. Choosing your own phone number
One of the best features of VoIP is you can choose your own telephone number. You can choose the same area code with your family members, though you are not living in the same areas as they are. Those family members who have limited distance call options can save money. They will call you as if you are in the same area. That means they call you at a local call rate.

If you want to use VoIP for a business purpose, this could be a great advantage to you. Let say you own a business in Colorado, and you want to expand business to New York. By choosing the New York code, you can have a local number that customers can call. Your customers do not have to worry about paying at higher rate. In other words, no needs to set up for a toll free number.

4. Activating VoIP Features
Most VoIP comes with standard features like return call, caller id, voicemail, call forwarding, call block and others. For a business plan, you should have features like free fax lines, web features and multi phone users. Constantly check with your service providers on the added features or promotions that they have.

5. Enjoying your VoIP
With all things are set up, you can start enjoying your VoIP. You can spice up your VoIP experience with accessories like the trendy type of VoIP phones, videophones and headsets.

Why don't you experience VoIP for yourself?

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