Get to Know VoIP (VoIP Solutions)

Get to Know VoIP (Voip Solutions)

Maybe you have came across the word of VoIP but you are not really sure what it is, or maybe you never heard about VoIP, which ever your situation is, you should be curious to find out about this new communication technology that can save you a lot.

VoIP or voice over internet protocal is making a call using a computer. In other words, you are making an internet phone calls using a VoIP software and bypassing your local phone company. However you must have a high speed internet connection. There are three ways how to make a call using VoIP.

One way is by using a device known as the analog telephone adaptor, in short ATA. The ATA allows you to make connection between your regular home phone to your computer. It converts analog to digital data for transmission over the net. To set up the ATA connection is just a piece of cake.

Another way is by using the IP phones. The IP phones just about the same like the normal phones but using the ethernet connector. It is equipped with all the necessary software to handle the IP calls.

VoIP can also be applied to make phone calls between a computer to a computer. This is the easiest and cheapest method to make a VoIP calls. In this case, your computer must be equipped with a sound card, speakers, a microphone, a broadband connection and a latest software to make sure VoIP works at its best. Regardless of your location, the calls are free.

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